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Glow Up!

Get that mega-watt smile you've always wanted. Our Whitening Kit is designed to whiten your teeth with our patented blend of certified non-toxic and naturally derived ingredients. And better yet, our formulas are clinically proven to be as effective as the leading brands without any of the bleaches or chemicals they use.
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Hit Refresh

The key to lasting fresh breath is maintaining proper gum health and bacterial balance. Most mouthwashes simply use large amounts of alcohol, which, as we know, isn't always pleasant. Our patented alcohol free, plant and mineral rich formulas are clinically tested to be just as effective against the leading brands and certified non-toxic.

So go ahead, eat that garlic. We got you.
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None of The Feels

Our sensitivity formulas contain a double dose of Dead Sea salt to deliver a powerful, mineral-rich coating to your teeth and fortify your oral health. It's like a spa day for your mouth!
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Chasing Waterfalls

We surveyed hundreds of people, and found that most are unaware that they suffer from dry mouth. They wake up in the middle of the night needing water, or feel constantly thirsty, get chapped lips all the time, or may have cavities at every check-up and don’t know why.

To solve this problem we formulated the most mouth-watering wash on the planet and teamed it up with our best selling Clean & Fresh Toothpaste.
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