Dispelling myths in oral care & bringing you the truth Dispelling myths in oral care & bringing you the truth
Your microbiome is a powerful force-field that is working
24 hours a day to protect you against infection and disease.

What if: There were oral care products that protected your microbiome?

Lumineux. Dedicated to illuminating better ideas in oral care. Join us.

Be illuminating

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Run, don’t walk, to get the most illuminating whitening products ever.
The majority of the teeth whitening products in the market remove stains by removing enamel, but your enamel is what protects your teeth and keeps them healthy.

What if: There were whitening products that protected your enamel? There are. Lumineux is the first oral care line on the market to be certified non-toxic and utilize powerful enamel safe oils to break up stains while cleaning, freshening and whitening as well as the other guys, without the harm.

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