Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit

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Whitening Kit

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Now trending: a beautiful, luminous smile without the sensitivity. Our Whitening Kit is clinically proven to remove years of stains without the harsh bleaches and chemicals found in other whitening products. Our non-toxic ingredients won't take your enamel with them. No Sensitivity. No Pain. All the Gain.

Whiter Teeth Without the Sensitivity!

(1 Month Supply)

Whiter Teeth in 7 Days or Less

A non-abrasive whitener that actually works!? How? Mother Nature handed us the most potent whitening ingredients in the world, and we combined them to deliver a non-toxic solution for powerful stain removal!

What You Get:

7 Whitening Strips
Whitening Toothpaste (3.75oz)
Whitening Mouthwash (16oz)
Bamboo Toothbrush

Clean, Refresh and Whiten.

Our products are made up of a refreshing blend of Essential Oils, Aloe Vera, and a pinch of mineral rich salt.

Naturally removing stains, while freshening breath and reducing plaque. Zing!

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Dead Sea Salt

This mineral rich, low sodium, super salt is what sets us apart from every other brand on the market. Just a pinch of this powerful salt delivers dozens of beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium to your enamel and gums.

Aloe Vera

The oldest medicinal plant on record, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries as a soothing agent for tissues. It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and is remarkably hydrating.

Coconut Oil

This moisturizing superfood is a natural whitener, that delivers stellar results without damaging enamel and causing the sensitivity you associate with most teeth whiteners.

Essential Oils

High concentrations of potent mint, clove and basil oils fight bad breath and leave teeth feeling smooth.

Clinically Tested

Don’t take our word for it. All of our products are clinically tested by independent University Laboratories against the leading brands to be both safe and effective.

Oral Essentials vs Crest

Testing determined that there was no statistical difference between the effectiveness of Oral Essentials when compared to the only mainstream whitening strip on the market, despite the fact that Oral Essentials does not use hydrogen peroxide or other harsh chemicals.


Whitening Mouthwash and Strips

The study demonstrated that Oral Essentials whitening strips consistently lightens the shade of the teeth by up to 12 shades, and that Oral Essentials whitening mouthwash consistently lightens the shade of the teeth by up to 7 shades.


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