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How mouth breathing at night affects your teeth!

A study from the university of Otago in New Zealand published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation confirms yet again the dangers of Dry mouth. “It’s yet another affirmation of Dry Mouth’s link to a higher risk of tooth decay,” says Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist and founder of Oral Essentials Dr. Kourosh Maddahi. 

This study also had a focus on what happens to the acidity of the mouth during open and closed mouth sleep.  The results showed that on average , daytime mouth pH was 7.3 and during sleep it was 7.0.  The mean mouth pH during sleep with mouth breathing was 6.6.  The researchers also found that pH levels inside the mouth dropped to 3.6 in individuals who breathed through their mouths.  This is well below the threshold (pH 5.5) for when tooth enamel starts to break down.

"The number of dentists reporting Dry mouth in their patients is increasing.  Besides mouth breathing, daily medication, and consumption of coffee and alcohol can also cause Dry mouth.  It is important to get more frequent dental check ups for those who experience dry mouth so that any dental decay can be diagnosed early" says Dr. Maddahi.  

Proper brushing, flossing, using non alcoholic mouthwashes, humidifier, cutting down on coffee and alcohol is a must for patients with Dry Mouth.


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  • The symptoms of being a mouth breather it include dry lips, crowded teeth, snoring and open mouth while sleeping, increased number of airway infections including sinus, ear, colds,etc. My cousin was also a mouth breather he got a problem of crowded teeth. Then he visited to to consult the dentist. They help him in any kind of ailments associated with his teeth.

    Kendra Carbaugh

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