Dangers of Cough, Allergy and Cold Medications for teeth, especially in kids!

During the cold and flu seasons we are grateful to have the different medications that get rid of runny noses, coughs, fevers and body aches.  However, what is the possible side effects on teeth?
Unfortunately, decongestants, antihistamine syrups, cough syrups and throat lozenges are full of sugar and highly acidic especially the ones designed for children.  The acidity can cause erosion of enamel (the outer protective layer of the tooth) which can make teeth more sensitive and more susceptible to decay.
We talked to Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, and founder of Oral Essentials, Dr Kourosh Maddahi to find out how to protect teeth while fighting colds and allergies.
1.  Take medicine with food so that the saliva from chewing can clear away the sugar and the acid.
2.  Rinse your mouth with water after taking any syrup medication.
3.  It’s best to avoid syrups before bed time if possible, but if absolutely necessary rinse right afterwards with water. Then brush and floss thoroughly  before going to sleep.
4.  Don’t let Lozenges become a habit! They marinate your teeth in sugar and acid for longer periods of time.
5.  Chew Xylitol (plant-derived sweetener that actually prevent the risk of tooth decay) gum for two minutes after taking syrup medications.

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