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Soda and Fruit Juice are the major cause of erosion of teeth!

Soda and Fruit Juice are the major cause of erosion of teeth!
New study confirms! Soda and fruit juice are the major cause of tooth erosion.
A new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentisty found soft drinks are the most significant factor in severity of tooth erosion.
Tooth erosion is when the hard outer structure of the tooth called enamel starts to wear away by exposure to acidic drinks or fruits.  As a result the inner part of the tooth, called dentin, is exposed.  Without the protection of enamel tooth decay can become easier and the tooth also becomes sensitive to hot and cold.
Saliva is the first line of defense in canceling out the acidity and protecting the natural balance of the mouth.  However if the mouth is not given enough time to repair itself by over consumption of acidic fruits and drinks the enamel starts to demineralize and wear away.
Examining 3,773 participants, the researchers found 79% had evidence of tooth erosion, 64% had mild tooth wear, 10% had moderate tooth wear and 5% displayed signs of severe tooth wear. The participants in the study with moderate and severe tooth wear consumed more soft drinks and fruit juices each day than the other groups.
According to Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist and founder of Oral Essentials, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, “Fruit juices may be nutritious drinks, but the high concentration of sugar and acid is detrimental to the health of teeth if consumed too often.”  Dr. Maddahi suggests milk and water are always the best alternative to drinks with a high concentration of sugar or acidic drinks. Proper brushing, and rinsing with a sugar free, non alcoholic mouthwash is also recommended. 

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