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The History of Sea Salt

The evolution of humanity to its present state would not have been possible without salt. 

This is displayed in several ways, the first of which is biological. When we talk about salt here we are referring to the conduction of electricity in the brain and the connection between the cells of the body. 

The main ingredient that allows the connection between cells in the body to exist is salt, and salt plays a very important role in contraction and relaxation of the muscles including muscles of the heart. Salt is also the substance that electricity travels through in the brain, making it vital to proper brain function. 

Where does salt come from? Water appeared on Earth thanks to Meteorites which contained water bombarding the Earth’s surface over millions of years. The history of salt goes back to 3.8 billion years ago when water and minerals got mixed together and became one as a result of rain.  

Salts role in human evolution can be traced back to its preservative qualities of meat. Since salt stops the growth of bacteria, meat as a food source became possible because of salt’s ability to keep it from spoiling; therefore men could travel with meat that was preserved by salt from one place to another place. Long distance travel would not have been possible without salt. When fresh meat was not available, meat preserved by salt kept these humans alive. They may not have survived without it.

This is the underlying reason why in all the cultures of the world there is a special love and attraction toward salt. It has played such a key role in our societies development and it is deeply engrained in our traditions, celebrations, and our livelihood. In fact, the word “salary” comes from salt, as salt was once used as a way to pay workers in some cultures.

Once we go from millions of years ago to about 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the role of salt becomes even more historically significant because of its use in mummification. As a result of salt, over 70 million people could be mummified in ancient Egypt, which gives modern day historians and scientists the ability to get an in-depth look into the DNA of generations and it gets to be preserved for researched.  This research sheds light into changes in evolution that would have never been possible to validate otherwise.

The most important quality of salt is that it stops the growth of bacteria. This concept directly opposes the myth that killing bacteria is good.

At one time it was not very well known that our body and the bacteria inside of it have a symbiotic relationship.  Bacteria protect our skin, produce vitamins in the GI and help produce multiple different enzymes.  The “engine” of all of our cells is bacteria. 

The idea that we want to kill bacteria is not correct. It comes from this notion that “bad” bacteria can get us sick, and even kill us. But the majority of bacteria are extremely important, and when we go killing the “bad” bacteria, we are also killing the good bacteria. This is where superbugs and resistant bacteria come from.

Salt does not kill bacteria, but stops the growth of it, and more importantly it neutralizes the expression of the toxins bacteria creates, which is a great control mechanism against infection.  This has not changed over the past millions of the years. Salt has been effective in doing this throughout our entire history, and it will continue to be effective, making it one of the most important minerals on the planet for human life.

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