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Does Juicing destroy the color of your teeth?

Does Juicing destroy the color of your teeth?

Looking at the popular trend of juicing from an oral health perspec- tive, these juices that have become such staples of health are typically loaded with sugar that gets stuck to the enamel of teeth. People who are doing excessive juicing will often tell you their mouth starts to feel filmy. This is because of the sugar left behind, and without needing to chew like you would with food, your mouth will not produce the proper saliva to clean your teeth after consumption.

Juices are typically extremely acidic, which also breaks down enamel, which leads to tooth sensitivity, and eventually decay.

Then there’s the domino effect of their staining power. The more vibrantly colored the fruit or vegetable, the more vitamins and minerals it contains. This is why most health juices are dark green, red or purple. The problem with this is that just like it would be tough to get it out of your white shirt were you to spill it, it is hard to remove the stains they leave behind on your teeth. This leads to an increase in whitening, which again, leads to tooth sensitivity.

Low calorie diets like these also cause insulin levels to spike and crash which can have an effect on the body’s collagen, which can cause premature skin aging, and is also what keeps your teeth in place. 

My recommendation would be to drink juices that are high in vitamin and mineral content through a thick straw, to avoid hitting the teeth, and as an addition to a balanced diet including lean proteins and calcium rich foods. Any kind of juice-only diet should be discussed with a medical professional before it is begun. There have been many reports of the dangers of such diets. Just from an oral health perspective they can cause a lot of damage if done for very long. 

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