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Causes and treatment for Canker Sores?

Causes and treatment for Canker Sores?
Canker sores are also called aphthous ulcers that are small shallow, and oval shaped, with a red edges. These lesions develop on the tissues of the mouth or on base of the gum. 
“Unlike cold sores, canker sores are not associated with herpes virus infection,” says Cosmetic Beverly Hills Dentist Kourosh Maddahi DDS and founder of Oral Essentials.
Canker sores don't occur on the surface of the lips and are not contagious. However they are painful and make eating and talking difficult. The good news however is that they usually heal on their own in 2 weeks or less.  If it lasts longer than two weeks please consult your dentist.
The exact cause of canker sores remains unclear, however, there are known contributory triggers which include:
1.  Dental work, cheek biting and over brushing.
2.  Toothpaste containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).
3.  Food sensitivity or allergies to strawberries, eggs, nuts, cheese and spicy or acidic foods
4.  Hormonal fluctuations during mensturation
5.  Emotional Stress
1.  Rinse your mouth with a sea salt rinse.
2.  Dab a small amount of milk magnesia to your canker sore a few times daily.
3.  Avoid abrasive, acidic or spicy foods
4.  Brush your teeth gently with Non-SLS toothpaste.
5. Refer to your dentist for removal / treatment of the canker sore.

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